Opposition & Hostility in the Context of Global Missions

Dr. Marv Newell, Senior Vice President, Missio Nexus

Opposition and hostility is something about which Jesus had a lot to say, because he knew his messengers would experience it a lot. He knew that in every age his ambassadors would encounter resistance as they engaged the world on his behalf. His mission would be conducted in the context of confrontation.

This webinar will have two parts. First, as a biblical foundation, we will examine what Jesus had to say about opposition and hostility from specific details he gave his disciples on the subject found in Matthew 10. This pointed instruction serves as a template on opposition for gospel-bearing messengers of all ages. Then, on the practical side, we will examine best practices for mission agencies in light of hostility towards members serving in unwelcoming/difficult environments. Responsibilities on the Board, home office, and field levels will be covered.

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