Webinar: COVID-19 Traumatic Stress Among Missionaries Serving Cross-Culturally

Full title: Exploring the Major Findings from a Recent Study on COVID-19 Traumatic Stress Among Missionaries Serving Cross-Culturally During the COVID-19 Pandemic

This discussion will explore the primary findings and implications of a quantitative study conducted in late 2023, focusing on traumatic stress induced by the COVID-19 pandemic among global Christian workers engaged in cross-cultural service. Research, including a notable study by Bridgland et al. (2021), has indicated that the COVID-19 pandemic was a significant traumatic stressor with the potential to precipitate PTSD and diminish psychological wellness. However, despite their substantial global presence, there has been a dearth of quantitative research examining the specific impacts of COVID-19 traumatic stress on Christian cross-cultural workers. In addition to COVID-19 traumatic stress, this study examined variables such as life satisfaction and psychological distress to elucidate their relationship with COVID-19 traumatic stress. The findings of this study both reinforce existing evidence-based literature and offer novel insights, highlighting the necessity for further research. Additionally, these findings emphasize the imperative for enhanced prevention and care strategies within organizations providing member care.


Danielle H. Johnson, MA, LCPC, NCC, is a Maryland-based licensed clinical professional counselor and supervisor. She obtained her MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and a Trauma Counseling certificate from Regent University, where she will finish her Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision in May 2024. Danielle is an instructor at Grace College, an addictions counselor, and a clinical supervisor. She also provides telehealth therapy at Valeo, supporting the mental health of global workers. She is dedicated to mental health awareness, reducing stigma through workshops, and researching traumatic stress in international contexts to aid underserved populations.

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