Webinar: Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges: Generational Dynamics in Minority Missions

As the global Church increasingly reflects the Majority World, and with America’s rapid secularization, the focus on mobilizing ethnic minorities for mission work has become more critical. Organizations are beginning to prioritize these efforts, addressing traditional barriers such as socio-economic challenges, language, bias, representation, limited networks, and theological differences. While these issues demand our attention, the pivotal challenge of understanding generational dynamics within minority communities often remains overlooked. How, then, can we navigate the complexities of generational values, cultural identity, and mobilization barriers to foster inclusive, effective mission efforts? This session invites you to delve into the nuances of generational differences, from first-generation immigrants to third-generation+ descendants, and to discover how leveraging these dynamics can enhance Global Great Commission efforts. Participants will be encouraged to engage in reflective discussions, gather contextual insights together, and access actionable resources to advance our collective mission.

This event is part of the ‘Communities of Practice’ series, presented by the Ethnic Inclusion Network of Missio Nexus. Our special guest, Moses Saldivar, serves as the Director of Engagement for US Latino Churches at Frontiers USA. In his role, Moses is dedicated to engaging, equipping, and empowering stateside Latino churches to catalyze church planting and disciple-making movements in the Muslim world. Before joining Frontiers, Moses served bi-vocationally in the local church and held various leadership roles in the financial services sector.

Missio Nexus encourages interaction on diverse and difficult topics. Be aware that the information shared in this event may not reflect the views of the Missio Nexus staff, board, or other community members.

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