The Unengaged: The Final Frontier

Unengaged Peoples
Mike Latsko
Original Air Date: February 28, 2013

34% of all unreached Hindu peoples are unreachable. 43% of all unreached Buddhist peoples are unreachable, and so are 59% of all unreached Muslim peoples. They are unreached because so few of them know Jesus; we get that. But they are unreachable because no one is within earshot who can even tell them about Him. For an unreachable people to become merely unreached would indicate great progress at least there would be someone incarnate among them. 34% of all unreached Hindu peoples, 43% of all unreached Buddhist peoples, and 59% of all unreached Muslim peoples are unreachable not because they are unreached but because they are unengaged. We haven’t become flesh and dwelt among them. When are we going to come to grips with the problem of the unengaged? What are the barriers to engaging the unengaged? What are recent church and agency best practices leading to new engagements? What remains to be done? Until we engage the unengaged, we can forget about reachingtheir unreached. It’s the key apostolic issue of our day. When will enough be enough?

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