The Strategy Map

The Strategy Map with Terrill Nelson
The Strategy Map: A Proven Tool for Making the Most of a 45 Minute Consultation with Prospective Missionaries
Terrill Nelson, Director Communication Services, SIM USA
September 3, 2009

This webinar will give you a practical, use able plan for training your agency’s recruiting team. It will provide a straightforward and flexible map for one-on-one interviews with prospective missionaries. The ‘map’ is the result of years of interviewing experiences, from Urbana-type conferences to church missions board members and pastors. You will gain a greater understanding of: Your Four Key Engagement Questions to start any conversation. Why that important Diagnostic Question is essential to any interview. Why I never share the map interview standing up and other got to’s. Turning a blank sheet of paper into your most important mission recruiting literature. Staying focused during the interview while providing satisfying answers to their questions. How to map out a step-by-step plan of a person’s dreams from here to over there. The importance of giving a practical post interview homework assignment. Terrill Nelson is the Director of the Communication Services at SIMUSA in Charlotte, NC. is a 33-year veteran educator with SIMUSA with assignments in Ethiopia and Bolivia. For 11 years he served in the jungles of northern New Jersey as a head hunter for SIMUSA’s at mission conferences and seminaries. He presently leads a talented media team on the SIMUSA, Charlotte campus who are committed to helping missionaries share their stories about what they have experienced God doing in the world.

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