The Olympic Dream and the Human Race

The Olympics is an amazing opportunity to engage the entire globe in a powerful way. Few other global events have the same impact. Are you looking at the Olympics as a lens on the human race?
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<p><a href=""><strong>The Olympic Dream and the Human Race</strong></a><br />The Olympics is an amazing opportunity to engage the entire globe in a powerful way. Few other global events have the same impact. Are you looking at the Olympics as a lens on the human race?</p>

Engage Through Prayer
Dear God, as athletes compete and as citizens from every country cheer for their nation’s finest, will you show yourself to them in a powerful way? Be present in this truly global event and give us new insights into your Kingdom as we participate. May these games see many athletes come to know you and many more spectators get a glimpse of your grace. Amen

Personal Reflection
When you have watched the Olympics in the past, have you seen how it represents much of the good and bad in humanity? When you look at it like this, what new insights does it give you? How might God give you a fresh vision for reaching the world as you experience the Olympics? One way to get this fresh vision is to consider the 15-day devotional on YouVersion called “The Bible Impacting the 2016 Olympic Games.”

Engaging the Church
Does your church view the Olympics as a distraction or an opportunity? What could you do to help those in your congregation see a bigger picture of the world God loves as they watch their favorite sport or athlete? One easy tool to use is Operation World; a prayer guide to every nation of the world. Consider praying for different countries throughout the duration of the Olympics. Also consider helping your congregation tie the countries where you are supporting missionaries or mission projects to the progress of the athletes from those countries.

Organizational Application
If your organization has direct ministry to the athletes in the Olympics or fans watching in Brazil or around the world, how are you highlighting these outreaches? Are you helping those on mission with you to see the human race in a new way through this event? Are you asking your donors, partners and volunteers to join you in prayer for the efforts to shine the light of the Kingdom during the Olympics? If you don’t have any active work related to the Olympics, consider encouraging your constituents to sign up and pray through the resources provided by Athletes in Action.

Good information is key for any individual or ministry. For more insights look at


1 “The Power of the Dream” written by David Foster for the 1996 Games and performed at the opening ceremony by Celine Dion.


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