The Innovation Crisis, Creating Disruptive Influence in the Ministry You Lead

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The Innovation Crisis, Creating Disruptive Influence in the Ministry You Lead 

By Ted Esler

Moody Press, 2021 


Throughout The Innovation Crisis, Ted Esler utilizes thoughtful reflection, conversational narrative, and historical and present-day examples to drive home the significant gaps in innovation that exist within the modern church.  Ted brilliantly demonstrates that the church and the missionary movement is in fact at its core innovative.  Yet, we seemed to have lost the willingness for the necessity of risk in our initiatives and endeavors.  We have become comfortable in our structures, policies, and organizations and watch the world innovate while we lose our voice in culture.  Ted’s message is a clarion call to the church to open our eyes, be willing to risk, and seek new innovative means of sharing the most innovative message ever with a world that desperately needs a savior. 

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