Surviving a Kidnapping: How to be a Hostage Survivor

Originally Presented: January 23, 2014
Presented by Robert Klamser
Executive Director Crisis Consulting International Description

As this webinar is prepared, we are aware of five expatriate missionaries being held hostage in some of the most dangerous, violent places in the world.They are all held in situations where effective government either does not exist or is corrupt to the point of sympathy or even complicity with the kidnappers. As state sponsorship for terrorism comes under increasing international scrutiny and intervention, many terrorist groups have turned to kidnapping to finance their activities.

As the potential for kidnapping of missionaries increases, the need for individuals to be prepared to survive becomes more and more important. This webinar will present the essentials for survival and the keys for improving the circumstances of a kidnapping by list

  • Presenting the behaviors that increase risk and the behaviors that protect hostage lives.
  • Discussing how hostage behavior can best support organizational efforts to secure hostage release
  • Evaluating escape as an option.

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