State of the US Church

State of the US Church
State of the U.S. Church: A Strategy for Revitalization
Paul Borden, Executive Minister of Growing Healthy Churches
June 5, 2008

Hope for the North American Church while the Church of Jesus Christ is growing by leaps and bounds south of the equator and on the other side of the International dateline, it is declining rapidly in North America. Church attendance has been on a decline for 30 years and new church starts are not keeping up. To the contrary, our region of 220 congregations in Northern California has experienced a ten-year miracle of growing congregations, church plants, missions dollars, and conversions. This change has spawned books, conferences, and invitations to work with more than 40 denominational groups across the theological spectrum.

In this webinar we will share a strategy for transformation and reproduction that describes what is required to revitalize declining congregations and bring life out of death. There is hope. Paul Borden is Executive Minister of Growing Healthy Churches, formerly American Baptist Churches of the West

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