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We are aware of tropical storm Ian and the potential it might become a hurricane and affect weather in Orlando. Current information leads us to believe that our event will proceed as planned. Please plan to join us as scheduled. With each day, new information is available.

Our next update will be posted here at 6 PM, Sunday evening.

Remote, Inc.: How to Thrive At Work… Wherever You Are

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Leader’s Edge (Leadership)

Remote, Inc.: How to Thrive At Work… Wherever You Are

By Robert Pozen and Alexandra Samuel

Harper Collins, 2021

Pages 301  

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This book is a VERY comprehensive discussion of how to shift from office to remote work, with a great deal of counsel on how to work effectively in both locations.  

The basic need for shifting from office to remote work, in the view of the authors, is “Thinking like a Business of One.” This means thinking of yourself as if you are your own small business, even if you’re actually an employee working for a larger organization. Your “products” are made up of the work you are delivering for your clients—and if you’re an employee, your number one client is your boss. You are the CEO, the chief marketing officer, the director of HR and the entire workforce of this business: it’s your job not only to get the work done, but also to think strategically, manage your “brand,” and keep your workforce—that’s you!—happy and productive. 

With this basic shift in perspective, the authors go on to offer insight into fundamental strategies for working remotely, getting organized, essential skills, and effective online communication.  

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