Nurturing a Developmental Approach to Staff and Leader Development

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Nurturing a Developmental Approach to Staff and Leader Development
Convened by Dr.Steve Hoke, Strategic Life Coach Church Resource Ministries

We must ask: How do we refocus our organizations to have a culture that features a developmental bias? Canapostolic structures (sodalities or mission organizations) nurture a developmental bias without sacrificing or minimizing their commitment to harvest movements? How can organizations better steward their staff and leaders in their pursuit of kingdom ministry objectives? We will explore the following key topics

The nature and practice of creating a developmental corporate culture. The 7 DNA characteristics of a developmentally aware organization, with specific examples of ready-to-use approaches to enhance people development in your organization. The leaders roles in sustaining a developmental corporate culture. How to build a developmentally-aware organization that balances its concern for task leadership, relational leadership, and inspirational leadership to accomplish your mission, while developing your people so that they grow toward their divine potential of being and doing.

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