Introducing the 2023 Missions Compensation Report

Inform Your Compensation Strategies

Introducing the digital download of the “2023 Missions Compensation Report (Non-Members) or “2023 Missions Compensation Report (Members).” This comprehensive report examines the revenue, salaries, and compensation for senior leaders in North American missions organizations. As a member of Missio Nexus, you can enjoy this valuable resource for free. Non-members can also access this report by purchasing it for $120. Gain valuable insights as we compare this data to regional and national information from non-profit organizations.

Within the 46 pages of this report, you’ll find information derived from 78 mission organizations spanning the United States and Canada. The array of data tables, charts, graphs, and key insights, all focus on salaries categorized by organization size, revenue, and geographical region.

Delve into the details with a breakdown of essential categories:


Explore the financial performance, workforce composition, membership affiliation, and tax-exempt status of mission organizations, providing insights into their operations.


This section highlights the CEO’s compensation amount, funding sources for their salary, trends in salary adjustments, comprehensive compensation package details, and breakdowns of salary components. Also included are statistics on tenure, spousal benefits, revenue-to-staff size ratios, regional salary comparisons, and benchmarking analyses within non-profit organizations.

Senior Leaders

Discover salaries of senior leaders across various regions, average salary benchmarks, percentile distributions, funding sources, factors influencing salary increases, and the methodologies used to determine their compensation. Empower your decision-making with a better understanding of senior leader salaries in missions organizations.

Don’t miss out on this valuable resource. Download the “2023 Missions Compensation Report (Non-Members) or “2023 Missions Compensation Report (Members)” today to inform your compensation strategies and benchmark your organization’s practices against industry standards.


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