Introducing Carlos Negrón

Introducing Carlos Negron: Your Catalyst for Church Engagement at Missio Nexus

We are pleased to welcome Carlos Negrón to the Missio Nexus team as our new Director of Church Engagement. With his passion for missions and extensive experience, Carlos is well-equipped to take our outreach and collaboration with local churches to the next level.

In his role, Carlos will focus on:

  • Building meaningful connections between missions organizations and churches to help maximize the impact of their initiatives
  • Organizing engaging events that bring together missions pastors and church missions teams for inspiration and community
  • Designing innovative programs to empower churches to effectively engage in missions
  • Fostering a sense of belonging and partnership within our network of local churches and missions leaders

We are excited to have Carlos on board and look forward to new opportunities to come together and reimagine the future of church engagement in missions.

Feel free to connect with Carlos ( to learn more about how we can support your church’s missions efforts. Stay tuned for more details on upcoming events, programs, and ways to get involved in our growing community.

A bit about Carlos: He grew up in Puerto Rico and has a BA from the University of Puerto Rico. He has served as a missions leader in churches across the U.S., Latin America, and the Caribbean. Most recently, he worked as a teacher and missionary with Pioneers and Mustard Seed International. Carlos lives in Florida with his wife, Marisol Kavetsky-Cora, and their three children.

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