Insurance Updates

Missio Nexus is pursuing offering health insurance plans to members. As an association, we represent a community of about 32,000 staff globally. This means that our ability to purchase as a group may help us to lower costs for members, provide a multiple tier option and cover both stateside and overseas workers.


April 2018 – The Missio Nexus board discussed changes in the insurance industry making it possible for groups to be formed by associations. The board gave approval for the staff to begin investigating options with a possible plan to be put together.

May 2018 – A survey was conducted focused on the smaller half of Missio Nexus US member organizations. It revealed that close to 65% of these organizations were offering no plan to employees. There was a great deal of interest expressed by these members for us to offer some sort of plan.

June 2018 – A working group was created through a call for volunteers from the community. Five people are serving on this committee. A “first round” of possible vendors was interviewed and the field was narrowed. In July, a final vendor selection will be made.

July 2018 – The working group has selected Enterprise Risk Strategies as the partner organization to assist us in delivering a quality health care option to our membership. You can learn more about them at this link.


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