Health, the Bible, and Missions: the Role of Health-Related Missions in Reaching the Unreached

Pre-Conference Session |

Wednesday, September 28, 2022 9:00 AM


Description God’s original plan for humans was to be in perfect relationship with Him. Experiencing perfect health/shalom. The Fall fractured this relationship which can now be healed through a relationship with Jesus the Messiah. Jesus provided the perfect model for caring for the whole person, mind/body and spirit during His earthly ministry. He expected His followers to do likewise. Yet the majority of our efforts to proclaim the gospel to the unreached do not include this form of ministry outreach, despite the fact that healthcare missions has been an effective form of ministry through the centuries. The compassionate touch and care of a Christian healthcare provider toward a hurting world is a powerful and effective form of ministry that cannot and should not be left out of our strategies for seeing the Gospel proclaimed among all peoples. Attendees can expect: To come away with a firm understanding of health from a biblical perspective To become well informed of the crucial role healthcare missions has played over the years To learn of the application of whole person care To be motivated to incorporate healthcare missions/whole person care, into their efforts to proclaim the gospel. This pre-conference is sponsored by: {[A-CUSTOM TAG:SPONSOR – CAPINCROUSE]}


Mike Soderling

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