Get Ted’s Book, The Innovation Crisis

If you aren’t innovating, stagnation isn’t far away

Christians once led innovation. Today, when we think about how is most innovative, high tech corporations come to mind. What has happened? Why is the church so challenged to innovate?

As our innovation has atrophied so has our influence. If we are to regain our voice, we must lean into new, Kingdom-infused ways of innovating. Ministry leadership brings with it a set of unique challenges for innovators. In this book, Missio Nexus president Ted Esler describes these challenges but then quickly turns to how we can overcome them.

Using missions disruptor William Carey as an example, Ted Esler shows how you, too, can innovate in ways that change the ministry landscape. Esler will help you keep an eye on your “eccliosystem”—the ecclesial ecosystem in which you exist. You’ll learn about the four stages of organizational culture—disrupting, innovating, sustaining, and stagnating—and gain strategies for staying in that sweet spot where innovations keep coming and stagnation can’t take hold.

What would it be like if, instead of high tech companies, people thought about the church when asked about innovation?

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