Editor’s Letter: Fight Club

Old boxing gloves hanging on a wooden wall

There are not many constants in life, but conflict with other people is one we all must face. This issue of Anthology is aimed at this important topic. As any of us who have worked in ministry know, conflict, handled appropriately, is one way that God develops and grows us. When handled poorly, sinfully, or not handled at all, you have a recipe for relationship disaster and ministry failure.

The authors touch on positive conflict, conflict between team members, with national partners, and between organizations. These are not light treatments—sometimes, real differences exist. How we handle these differences can be as important as the issues at stake. Perhaps you aren’t feeling the need for this issue of Anthology at the moment; keep it at hand as it is quite possible that it will be relevant at some point in the future.

As a Great Commission community, we need to learn to fight righteously and settle our conflicts in a way that honors God.

J. Ted Esler, PhD

President, Missio Nexus

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