Developing a Network Engagement Strategy for Effective Partnerships

Presented by: Eldon Porter

Description: This workshop will focus on the practical steps required to build an effective network engagement strategy. Networks have become the nodes of a highly interconnected global Church seeking to partner together for effective ministry. Understanding and engaging with networks will help you recognize the unique place God has prepared for you and the partners with whom He would have you collaborate. This workshop will provide an overview of different kinds of networks, explain the four degrees of network engagement, and then give time for each participant to craft a network engagement strategy for their church or ministry. The primary audience for this workshop is church and agency leaders wishing to optimize the value of networks for effective ministries.

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Partnerships and the Strategic Role of Networks

We live in an unprecedented period of mission history. The new paradigm of “from anywhere to everywhere” is by nature complex, resulting in an increasing need to partner with others for effective ministry. The challenge of connecting with potential partners in the global context is best done in and through the evolving world of networks.


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