Dealing with Risk in Unstable Countries

Finance Administration & Legal Track | Workshop Set 4

Thursday, September 29, 2022 15:45 PM


Primary Audience Finance, legal, and risk professionals Description How can an organization continue to operate in countries experiencing significant instability and insecurity? Should they? What are the risks, both legal and otherwise, that must be considered as a given part of the world continues to deteriorate? Should staff ever be evacuated for their own safety, even if they wish to stay? What can an organization do to best be prepared for the hard decisions that sometimes must be made very quickly?

This workshop aims to discuss these and other hard questions, using recent real world examples from Afghanistan and elsewhere. Learning Objectives Comprehend a framework for evaluating security and instability risks around the world Determine some best practices for determining when to remain and when to pull out of a specific location Comprehend the legal exposure associated with operating in unstable locations 1.5 CPE credit hours // Specialized Knowledge

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