Day 15 – Brian Johnson

This devotional is part of the Black Missionary Heroes Past and Present Series.

Brian Johnson

Missionary to Liberia

Read Hebrews 13:5–6

Following the civil war in Liberia, Brian Johnson became the head (Secretary General) of the Evangelical Association of Liberia – a position typically reserved for nationals. To the people of Liberia, Brian was one of them. This position enabled him to lead from the inside on reconciliation and unity. After serving in Liberia, Brian spent much of his ministry focused on reconciliation and unity throughout Africa. He served in other nations as a war trauma counselor, worked in ethnic reconciliation, and relief assistance. Brian feels that just like there are blessings and miracles that are sometimes hiding behind hunger pains and lack of support, so also there are blessings for African Americans in the bitterness of racism and poverty.

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