CEO Review Kit

Missio Nexus CEO Review Kit helps CEO’s and Boards have the necessary framework for conducting timely and helpful reviews.

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CEO Review Process – This document overviews four distinct CEO Annual Review processes.  Different seasons may require different types of reviews and every process may not fit every organization, leader or structure.  These are not prescriptive, but suggestive of what you could implement in your organization.
CEO Review Process PDF

CEO Self- Evaluation – This tool allows CEO’s to perform a self-evaluation prior to their formal review. Self-Evaluation PDF or Self- Evaluation DOCX

* Newly expanded self-evaluation with a skill assessment section to match the 360 Review form: Self-Evaluation with Skills PDF or Self-Evaluation with Skills DOCX

360 Review – The goal of a 360 Review is to benefit, encourage, and strengthen the CEO of your organization. Additionally, it will aid those performing the reviews to have a more complete picture of their CEO. In order to achieve this goal, this form is designed to be completed by anyone working within a 360-degree radius of the CEO.

A potential review group: 2 board members, 2 peers (CEO or similar executive from another organization), 1-2 executive leaders (subordinates), 1-2 mid-level managers (subordinates), 2-3 staff members (subordinates).
360 Review PDF or 360 Review DOCX

Additional Information:
Missio Nexus 2018 CEO Review Research Study


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