Bible Teaching Session with John Jefferson

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Bible Teaching

John Jefferson

John Jefferson is a 20-year employee at AT&T, as well as a member of the lay chaplaincy team at Soledad prison in Salinas Valley California. Prior to joining AT&T, John worked in roles ranging from manager of a hostel in Tel Aviv, Israel, to teaching history and social science in Los Angeles. His extensive international travel has spanned South and Central America, Europe, India, Southeast Asia, Australia and several countries throughout Africa and the Middle East. Since traveling to the Blue Nile region of Sudan in 2004 on a medical mission, John has regularly participated in humanitarian aid and short-term missions work in East Africa. In 2012, John formed the first of two coalitions of Christian organizations he created to work with and on behalf of the Nuba people of Sudan. Since that time, John has been coordinating the efforts of several churches and faith-based organizations focused on meeting their spiritual and physical needs. The Greater Nuba Action Coalition (GNAC) is part of the V 5:9 network, has raised thousands of dollars of small donations and delivered the Gospel message, food and medicine to this isolated, oft forgotten, war-torn region. John holds his B.A. in Philosophy from the University of Arizona, M.A. in Sociology from Columbia University, and an MBA from the University of Southern California. John lives in Northern California with his wife Dawn.


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