Are all Translations Created Equal?

Title: Are All Translations Created Equal?
Presenter: Dave Brunn, New Tribes Mission
Original Air Date: May 16, 2013

When I hear Christians arguing about translation, it is apparent to me that many of the disagreements are based on an incomplete, oversimplified view of the translation process. I do not argue translation theory and I do not put down any version of the Bible. Instead, my aim is to humbly and respectfully present objective evidence that has largely been excluded from the translation debate. Here is an excerpt from D.A. Carson’s gracious endorsement of One Bible, Many Versions(IVP Academic 2013), on which this webinar is based: This book will diffuse some of the polarization that characterize many of the disputes. It will also encourage us to recognize we are not as far apart as some of us have supposed… May God be glorified as His children become more unified through a deeper understanding of the truth about Bible translation.

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