All Nations Letter to Missio Nexus Members

December 13, 2018

Dear Leader in the Missions and Ministry Community —

Greetings to you from All Nations, in the name of the Lord Jesus!

All Nations is so thankful to know we have so many friends and partners, like you, on this journey to see the Great Commission realized as a part of God’s desire for the nations. All people of the earth deserve to have an opportunity to choose for themselves who they will serve.

It has been a difficult time for our global team as we mourn and grieve the recent loss of a member, friend and colleague, All Nations missionary John Allen Chau and we ask everyone to pray for his family and friends.

John’s passing has stirred, inspired and awakened many, though. We are receiving daily reports of amazing testimonies of youth and adults alike looking within and examining their potential to help do more to reach the neglected and forgotten.

We want to create a pipeline for two-way communication between us and the leaders of the international missions and ministry communities. That’s why we are inviting you to join the conversation that has been stirred concerning the Great Commission. We welcome the opportunity to communicate directly with one another, converse about what it looks like to fulfill God’s dreams and show his love through missions with excellence.  We know we can encourage one another as we run hard after God’s heart.

Join the conversation 

This allows us to communicate directly with one another. This also allows you to be a part of this global community and discussions about missions and ministry that honors God, other cultures and each personal life created in the image of God. Additionally, we have provided you links to recent media coverage we feel help express some of the story regarding All Nations Missionary John Allen Chau and an editorial we were blessed to have published for free that helps clarify important information that might be helpful to you.

God said that he will command a blessing when people come together in unity, and we want to see God’s blessing in all the nations of the earth. Furthering God’s dreams together is our desire. So please come join us as we defy fear and dream with God about the things that are on his heart. We welcome fellow journey mates. 

On behalf of everyone at All Nations, thank you for all that you do to listen to the Holy Spirit and love people right where they are. Jesus modeled this so well and also showed people that he also loved them too much to let them stay in places of pain and suffering.

Thank you for your prayers and for standing with us as we continually seek God’s heart for the nations and how he wants us all to think about reaching the unreached, forgotten and unconnected. May you and your family, church and community thrive as we grow together in even greater unity. 

In closing, I would like to emphasize that we have to presume foreign governments are reviewing our efforts closely and we ask that you consider this prayerfully before passing this to others. 

We’ll go farther together,

Dr. Mary Ho
International Executive Leader
All Nations

Enclosures:  Website links to: join the conversation, select news and our published editorial reply.

1.   All Nations’ link to Join the Conversation: Click here to join in on the conversation about missions and how to participate in God’s strategies. 

2.   Recent news that might be helpful:

We are praying that Jesus will stir in each reporter’s and writer’s heart of His love as they talked with our team and read John’s journal. We pray the Father encounters their hearts and that they become curious journalists about the things of God through exposure to John’s life mission. 

John Chau’s death has been covered by secular and Christian media and appeared in 1,500 print/online stories, including USA Today, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Christian Post, Christian Today and in more than 120 radio and television broadcast stories, including CNN, the Today Show, NBC Nightly News, Good Morning America, CBN, the 700 Club, as well as dozens of local network affiliates across the country, including our home town, Kansas City.

For more information regarding communication, please contact: Jennifer Baldridge, APR – or via 816.293.9880. To get a copy of Dr. Mary Ho’s recently published Kansas City Star editorial reply, please link here. Or, request this via email and view our online news kit which will be updated shortly: We welcome your friendship and partnership as we together defy fear and reach the neglected:

Thank you!

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