All Nations International Commemorates its 27th Anniversary

All Nations International Commemorates its 27th Anniversary in November Celebrating God’s Faithfulness and Call to Reach the Neglected Globally

Founders Floyd and Sally McClung founded All Nations on Nov. 7, 1993 in Stonewall, CO.
All Nations has grown to serve in more than 45 countries around the world.

(Kansas City, MO, USA) – Since its founding in 1993, international missions organization, All Nations, has been vigilant in its focus to share Jesus with those who have never heard Jesus’ name. This year, All Nations is taking time to pause and commemorate its 27th year to celebrate God’s faithfulness through the years. All Nations began the year by focusing on the neglected to encourage believers worldwide to join together in God’s grand strategy to reach the remaining people groups.  All Nations invites believers globally to participate in this strategy to see with even greater clarity and truly make 2020 (and beyond!) The Year of the Neglected. 

“On this 27th anniversary even during this pandemic, we celebrate that the Gospel has been spreading through marginalized groups despite COVID. Virtual churches are multiplying in Europe and trainings are penetrating into Russian-speaking regions because of our workers’ faithfulness. And during this lockdown, churches and businesses are being planted and multiplied in Africa and Asia because of our workers’ initiatives,” said All Nations International Executive Director Dr. Mary Ho.  “To our dear friends and the Founders of All Nations, Floyd and Sally, we love you! Thank you for our mandate to magnify Jesus throughout the world. We will finish the race!”

How it All Began – 1993 to Today

In 1993, Floyd and Sally were living in Stonewall, CO, and were part of Youth With a Mission (YWAM) founded by Loren and Darlene Cunningham. That year the McClungs started All Nations Institute and called it YWAM All Nations.  Many of the values they hold dear were imparted to them during the 33 years they served with YWAM.  Such values included loving the nations, women in leadership, youth in missions, short-term outreach, hearing God’s voice, the nature and character of God, visionary leadership, people from all nations to all nations, and completion of the Great Commission in this generation. 

YWAM had a big vision, but the McClungs began to long for even more. They started a leadership program called  “School of Leadership Development.”  As their focus for church planting grew, and their vision was refined, they changed the name to “School of Church Planting.”  Floyd’s love for the church had continued to grow ever since the Lord spoke to him while reading the book of Ephesians years before. He later said, “I was captivated with a vision of the greatness of God being revealed through the church to the watching world. I saw the potential of God working through ordinary people to do extraordinary things. I am still captivated by that vision today.” 

The scripture verse the Lord used to give the McClungs the name of All Nations and to confirm the birth of the movement is also the verse that unites them in one motive and goal, and that is for Jesus to be worshipped by all the peoples of the earth.Psalm 96:2-3: Proclaim the good news of His salvation from day to day. Declare His glory among all nations, His wonders among all peoples.

“Our dream is to see hundreds of teams all over the earth, loving and caring for people, meeting their practical needs, and discipling them in the ways of God. We want to go where no man has gone before.  We are not waiting for a mystical call that may never come.  We have told God we will take the tough assignments to reach the most neglected peoples on the earth that no one else will take,” said Floyd. “God has always wanted a people that would join Him in His mission to fill the earth with His glory.  He intends to fill the earth with the worship of Jesus by filling the earth with worshippers!” 


Commissioning of Dr. Mary Ho in 2017

Sally commissioned Dr. Mary Ho in November 2017 and on behalf of herself and Floyd, she gave Ho two gifts—Floyd’s very large magnifying glass (from a towering man!) and his book At the Name of Jesus which describes the 365 names of Jesus—along with this note, ‘With giving you Floyd’s book and magnifying glass as a “symbolic baton”—my prayer is for you to daily fall more in love with Jesus, and that He will be magnified in and through you to the world.’ This, simply put, is All Nations’ heritage, DNA, and mandate from our Founders, Floyd and Sally:  magnify Jesus to the world and see Him worshipped by all the peoples of the earth!

The day that Floyd became ill, he had spent time training fieldworkers.  In the training, he prophetically said to them, “but if I can’t continue, will you finish the race?” This was the charge that Floyd prophetically expressed to the world and to everyone in All Nations while teaching at the Cape Town, South Africa Church Planting Experience (CPx) in February 2016.

“For all of us who are a part of All Nations, let’s grab the baton to finish the race,” said All Nations International Board Chairman Dr. Yutaka Kawase. “With Jesus’ authority let’s go make disciples of all the nations.” (Matthew 28:18-19).

“Our desire is to ask for the nations,” said Ho. “We must persist in prayer (Luke 11:8, NIV) until our prayers are answered – until all neglected are reached – the least, the last, and the lost — with the love of Jesus.”

All Nations International -Year of the Neglected

Floyd chose the word, “neglected” intentionally as All Nations International was being launched in their hearts with resolute focus:  reaching the neglected globally – the least, the last, and the lost.

Dr. Ho said, “We use our words carefully and thoughtfully when we are sharing Jesus. The same is true with why we focus with such intent on the neglected.  I am so encouraged by the resoluteness and passion that I see and hear from our global team.”

Year of the Neglected Monthly Focus

Each month All Nations focuses on a neglected people group — Our “Year of the Neglected” (2020 and beyond) series raises awareness and includes an online global prayer time for a neglected people group each month. Neglected people, whether the one sheep or the multitude, are considered among…


  • the Least because they are marginalized by society and/or circumstances.
  • the Last because they have yet to hear and receive the Good News.
  • the Lost because the Gospel has had no access, limited access or has been misrepresented.

This month (November), our focus is the Syrian refugees in Germany.  Since the beginning of the Syrian Civil War in 2011, Syrians have fled by boat from Turkey to Greece, then by foot to German Camps.  As refugees, they are considered neglected among the Least, as displaced, marginalized people in Germany, as well as among the Last and the Lost, with Muslim backgrounds from Syria, an Islamic country with general hostility toward Christianity.    

Team members of All Nations Hamburg Hub, including Salome, Mouyassir and the Heyns family, have been actively reaching out to the Syrian refugees in their city.  From language learning in home groups and in-person discipling of young believers, to outreaches among Arabic speaking families and online small groups, Syrians are finding comfort, support, and a sense of belonging in community.  Their hope is to help meet the needs of traumatized refugees who have fallen through the cracks of Germany’s integration process, as well as to raise up more local Syrian disciples, who can also impact the lives of their unreached loved ones back in Syria. 

All are invited to join All Nations International in praying for the Syrian people on November 26th during their Neglected Peoples Prayer time (the last Thurs. monthly).  Also, please see the attached All Nations Syrian Prayer Card for more details, see the prayer card on our web site:

Year of the Neglected Theme song:

Take My Healing to the Nations by Bob Fitts

In the planning of this effort, a song arose that was (and still is) a favorite of Floyd and Sally’s: “Take My Healing to the Nations” by Bob Fitts. Fitts graciously gave All Nations permission to use this beautiful song as a theme song for their focus on the neglected.  The song’s lyrics are provided in the online link below.

 “It captures the poignant heart that Jesus has for those who have been neglected and remain lost,” said Ho.  “Our team has embraced this song as its own and wanted to help others connect to God’s heart and his dreams for every individual to come to know Him.”

Take My Healing to the Nations song:


About All Nations

Founded in 1993, All Nations International ( is a global Christian missions recruitment, training and sending organization committed to preparing individuals and groups to introduce Jesus and establish movements in parts of the world where the name of Jesus is not known. All Nations’ focus is reaching the neglected globally – the least, the last, and, the lost. All Nations has four hubs around the world that recruit, train and care for missionaries globally:  Kansas City, Mo.; Cape Town, South Africa – Africa; Hamburg, Germany; and Kampala, Uganda. All Nations also has two catalytic church partners based in Cape Town, South Africa and Tainan, Taiwan that also recruit, train and send. All Nations International is led by Dr. Mary Ho, International Executive Leader and currently has more than 450 individuals serving in more than 45 countries around the world. All Nations was founded by Floyd and Sally McClung in 1993 in Stonewall, Colo. For more information, please visit



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