Author Interview: Timothy Harris

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Author Interview

Loving Your Muslim Neighbors: Stories of God Using an Unlikely Couple to Love Muslim People… and How He Might Use You to Do the Same

By: Timothy and Miriam Harris (pseudonyms)

Credo House Publishers, 2020, 289 pages   

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This book narrates 50 stories and lessons in 50 chapters that are culled from 15 years of ministering to Muslims in nine Islamic nations and key US cities with sizable Muslim population. In sharing their journey to love Muslims, Timothy and Miriam Harris (pseudonyms) intend for their readers to develop a love for Muslims and to gain practical evangelistic tools and strategies to reach out to them with the gospel of Jesus (page 4). To fulfill these intentions, the husband-and-wife team narrates their God stories and their accompanying teaching points and questions to ponder for each chapter, along with nine appendices on valuable tools, resources, and insights on effective Muslim gospel engagement. 

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