A Wind in the House of Islam and Muslim Movements to Christ

Webinar: A Wind in the House of Islam and Muslim Movements to Christ
Presented by David Garrison, IMB Global Strategist, International Mission Board

Over the past three years, Dr. David Garrison has conducted a global survey of Muslim movements to Christ (each movement of at least one thousand baptisms or one hundred new church starts over the past decade). What his survey has surfaced is 82 such movements over the course of nearly 14 centuries of Muslim-Christian interaction. Of these 82 movements, 69 of them are occurring today; that’s 84% of history’s movements are occurring today. Garrison’s survey took him 250,000 miles throughout the Muslim World from West Africa to Indonesia and everywhere in between, where he was able to gather more than a thousand interviews from Muslim-background believers within these movements. Garrison’s fundamental question. What did God use to bring you to faith in Jesus Christ?” has yielded abundant insights into Bridges, Barriers and Practical Steps that will encourage and instruct all of us in participating in God’s unprecedented movements within the House of Islam today.

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