A Supreme Desire to Please Him

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Leader’s Edge (Spiritual Formation)

A Supreme Desire to Please Him: The Spirituality of Adoniram Judson

Evan Burns. Publisher: Pickwick Publications, Eugene, Oregon, 2016.

256 pages
ISBN: 978-1498280259


This is an excellent companion to good biographies on the life of the venerated missionary pioneer Adoniram Judson, such as the classic, To The Golden Shore. No one has so deeply researched the spiritual life of Judson as Burns has done. The information is insightful into the inner life of Judson as he progressed through his life of service as a devoted and devout missionary. After reading this book, I can think of no other North American missionary pioneer on which one can pattern their spirituality. The book is excellent for use in training sessions about spiritual preparation of mission candidates, but has reflective value for veteran missionaries as well. Making use of original documents not previously known, one will not find a better researched work on Judson’s spirituality.

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