A Prayer for Missionaries

By way of a quick search on the Internet it’s not difficult to discover some sample prayers for missionaries. Most are well thought out expressions of love and concern for those who serve in distant places around the world.

I’d like to pose another based on my nearly 40 years of mission experience. What I have to offer is not intended to be new or novel, but rather a laser-focused prayer that hones in on what missionaries face day-in-and-day-out as they go about their calling.

To make the prayer easy to remember, it employs words that begin with “d.” These words succinctly reference what missionaries grapple with and would love concerned prayer supporters to take to the throne of grace on a regular basis. They summarize the very real life concerns they encounter daily.

A Prayer for Missionaries

Lord of the harvest, protect your workers.

Shield them from: danger, disease, deceit, delusion, divisions, diversions, denial, and demonic oppression.

Keep them hopeful in times of disappointment and discouragement – those unavoidable realities that build character and faith.

Give them determination to glorify you, whatever the cost. Amen.

The prayer is short by intent so that it can be easily memorized and frequently used. Try it for a month, using it each time you pray for your missionary. Why not make this your patterned prayer for the month of May? Personalize it by inserting the name of your missionary. Hopefully, after a while you will like using it. And the Devil will hate you for it.


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