A Fresh Perspective on the Insider Movement

The “insider movement” has received much attention in recent years and is often portrayed in ways that are polarized or misunderstood. Instead of repeating old arguments either for or against, this webinar will present a model for understanding the different layers of “insiderness” that followers of Jesus exhibit in their contexts today. Such a model will demonstrate that the socioreligious insider/outsider binary is unsatisfactory and that the “insider movement” remains ill-defined. The aim is to gain an appreciation for the complexity of how Christ-followers in unreached peoples relate to their contexts.

Warrick Farah, D.Miss., serves with International Teams in the Middle East, working in leadership development, theological education, and coaching community transformation facilitators. He blogs at Circumpolar (muslimministry.blogspot.com) and teaches seminars on Muslim ministry.

This webinar was presented on Nov 17 2016

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