4 Cornerstones to a Fully Funded Ministry Culture (HR)

4 Cornerstones to a Fully Funded Ministry Culture (HR)

Saturday @ 9:15am

Culture, Infrastructure, Training, and Coaching – the four cornerstones you must hone to create a fully funded ministry culture. We will address how to create the culture, establish policies and systems, implement timely trainings, and raise up coaches from within the organization. We will also identify the four critical individuals who can build up or tear down the support raising DNA of your organization. 

Steve Shadrach

Executive Director
Center for Mission Mobilization

Dr. Steve Shadrach is the Executive Director of the Center for Mission Mobilization, which is the parent ministry of Support Raising Solutions. He has trained thousands of Christian workers from over 1,200 organizations around the world how to raise their support and authored The God Ask. Steve helped found Student Mobilization, The Traveling Team, and the CMM (formerly The Bodybuilders). He also served as Director of Mobilization for Frontier Ventures (USCWM). Steve also has a Doctorate of Ministry in Church and Para-Church Executive Leadership. He and his wife Carol have five grown children and reside in Fayetteville, AR.


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