2013 Spring Anthology

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Prisoners in Iran and pastors in North America voice the same question:  Are we willing to follow Jesus, whatever the cost? The threat may be persecution or complacency. Either can be paralyzing if we are not prepared.

So, what are our blind spots and stumbling blocks as Western Christians in global mission today? And whether we are serving at home or abroad, how can we engage the cultural complexities of this generation with the Gospel, making disciples  in covenant with God communities … who in turn become missional leaders … who in turn make more disciples?

Discipleship is the call of the Great Commission. As we prayerfully seek the way forward together, how can we respond and lead with discernment, integrity and clarity?

Anthology Volume 1, Number 1

Table of Contents

Captive in Iran by Maryah Rostampoue & Marziheh Amirizadeh
What Did Jesus Really Mean When He Said Follow Me? by David Platt
Disciples + Leadership + Mission by Mike Breen
The Command to Make Disciples by Francis Chan
A Titanic Moment: The Fight to Reclaim  Young Adults by Seth Barnes
Immigrants in the U.S.: A Missional Opportunity by Jenny Hwang Yang
Leading from ‘Default’ Culture Values by Sherwood G. Lingenfelter
Western Christian in Global Mission by Paul Borthwick
Leaders Who Are Discerning by Ruth Haley Barton
Accountability, Integrity and Trust by Dan Busby
Stand: The Power of Leadership Clarity by Steve Moore

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