Webinar: Leading with Beauty: Storytelling Foundations


A Peer-2-Peer Webinar for Communications and Marketing Professionals

In missional communication, it’s easy to let strategy cloud the deeper reason we do what we do. Through this seminar, Grant seeks to provide a theological foundation for why storytelling in missions matter – to highlight the beauty of God. Hear how you can have a deeper understanding behind what you do and how this can reenergize you and your team to tell God’s story through your organization.


Grant Klinefelter is a global worker with Greater Europe Mission (GEM), where he has served since 2020. Grant leads a team of storytellers in GEM with the goal of telling the story of Europe so Europeans can know the story of Jesus. The Storytelling Team seeks to write articles, capture photos, and create videos highlighting the beauty of God through narrative and providing ways for people to go, pray, and give. Grant, his wife Naomi, and dog Louis live in Birmingham, England.

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