Turning Points in the Expansion of Christianity      

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Turning Points in the Expansion of Christianity*

By Alice T. Ott

Baker Academic, 2021
320 Pages

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This book is about the history of the expansion of Christianity across geographical, cultural, ethnic, and religious boundaries. The book reviews this history using the approach of turning points (the specific, decisive points in history when something monumental changes). Ott uses turning point in four ways: (1) as beginning of a new trend in the expansion of history; (2) as climax of a trend; (3) as key representative of a development in a new direction; and (4) as dramatic symbol of momentous changes affecting the advance of Christian faith. After tracing such history of expansion in twelve chapters, she reflects on the following recurring themes: mission theology, mission agents and structures, mission and culture, mission and the state, and mission motivation and lifestyle. 

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