Webinar: TECHnically Connected: navigating distance on virtual teams

Description: I’ve discovered that being virtual means more than being separated by geography.  There are many ways in which we encounter and need to overcome “distance” within our teams.  How you understand “virtual distance” equips you to address it.  This webinar will share some of the “aha” moments coming from interviews and research into virtual teams.  It will also explore virtual distance and provide some practical tools with which to span those gaps and help your virtual teams to thrive. 

Presenter: Warren Janzen, International Director, SEND. For the past 15 years Warren has been leading and working with virtual teams.  After church planting in Japan for over 15 years, in 2004 he took up the role as International Director for SEND International.  With ministry spanning more than 20 countries and the belief that leaders should be located in the regions for which they have responsibility, virtual teams are his reality.   What’s not virtual is his wonderful marriage to Dorothy, and the blessings of their three boys (all born in Japan) and two daughters-in-law.  When not behind his computer or on a plane, Warren enjoys a variety of outdoor sports and table games!

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