Stewardship of Short-Term Missions with an Emphasis on Discipleship

Description:  Short-term missions (STMs) can get a bad wrap, and often deservingly so. This webinar will be for church and missions leaders who have any connection with STMs and want to steward them well.  Our best estimates are that 1.6 million Americans are going on these trips each year and spending at least $3.2 billion.  Rather than debate whether or not this investment should be made, Josiah will use this webinar to get really practical with how to implement best practices.  It’s easy to throw around the names of books like Toxic Charity and When Helping Hurts.  It’s hard to actually implement their principles.  Discipleship of the goer deserves to be more than a buzz word, and so Josiah will point to helpful resources and explain ways technology is transforming how we can make the most of the pre-trip and post-trip discipleship windows.

Presenter:  Josiah Holland grew up until the age of 10 in Togo, Africa as an MK.  After a few mission trips and summer internships abroad, Josiah teamed up with his dad ( a missionary of 30 years) and a software developer to look at how resources for short-term missions could be developed and shared at scale using technology.  They launched XPCulture during his senior year, and Josiah recently graduated from Vanderbilt with an M.Ed. He now lives in Cincinnati where he works as a consultant.  

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