Stand Conference Short Term Mission Tracks Audio Files

These are the recordings that were made at STAND – MLC2013 of the Short Term Missions Track. Contains these files: STAND Firm: The Cost of Effective Integral Engagement During Shorter Term Mission Endeavors. How Short-Term Missions Can Strengthen Long-Term Work: A Case Study of Reaching Muslims in Eastern Europe. Ed Smither – Not recorded Sister Church Partnerships: A Step by Step Approach for Pastors and Church Leaders, Randy Schmor – Not recorded Understanding and Enhancing the Strategic Role of Global Social Connections Established through STM, Robert Kersten Priest. Short-Term Missions for the Long Haul: Making the Most of STM for Goers, Senders Receivers, Brian Heerwagen Seeing Beyond Their Need, Terry Dalrymple Short-Term Mission Best Practices: From Everywhere to Everywhere, Jenny Collins, David Armstrong, Don Johnson Reclaiming World Mission: The Legacy of African Americans, Allan Wiltshire II Dancing with the Elephant: Re-Training the Ungainly Behemoth of Short-Term Missions. Lisa La George Questions Majority World Leaders are Asking About the STM Movement, Paul Borthwick

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