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Small Footprint, Big Hand print: Missions and Environmental Stewardship
Small Footprint / Big Hand print is a purposeful challenge to the American Christian church to examine and consider how we are spending our lives in a day that is crying out for reformation.  It is a time to make our lives smaller (small footprint) so that we might make our impact on the world greater (big hand print).

A life that uses less of the earth’s limited resources and considers future generations. A life that is less encumbered with paralyzing debt load which restricts the freedom to go into a broken world when the Lord calls. A life that is free from the paralysis of sin, guilt and shame that quenches vision to serve in the Kingdom. A life that is simpler, more meaningful with purpose and a strategic focus. A Bigger hand print speaks of: A life that views the world the way the Lord sees it and seeks ways of being used wherever there is need locally, nationally or internationally. A missional life that not only desires to share the Gospel in words but with practical action. A life that recognizes global environmental decline that is putting the extreme poor in developing nations at risk with undrinkable water supplies, soils that can no longer produce adequate food supplies, and a changing climate that threatens to flood low lying regions which would devastate whole communities.

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