Sharing God’s Redemptive Story in a World of Competing Faiths and Cultures

Industry Specific Track | Workshop Set 5

Friday, September 30, 2022 9:00 AM


“Primary Audience Missionaries, mission leaders, pastors, disciple-makers Description In this worskhsop we will begin by answering the question “”Why don’t unbelievers understand the gospel?”” before we move on to look at case studies from God’s Word in which New Testament gospel presenters overcame the barriers they faced.

We’ll then determine how intense those barriers are where you are ministering and discover a tool to help break through the barriers. Learning Objectives To learn two reasons why unbelievers don’t understand the gospel. To demonstrate worldview noise by studying three cases in the New Testament.

To pinpoint specific barriers you face in your culture. To discover and use a tool which will help you break through those barriers.

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Gil Thomas

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