Response to Haiti

The Mission Exchange announces the February Global Issues Update on Haiti
Complex global challenges impact Great Commission activities at every level. No matter how connected and motivated you are as an individual Christ-follower, church or mission leader, you can’t be an expert on everything. Global Issues Update is a bi-monthly (6 times per year) downloadable webinar that focuses on big picture issues impacting the world of missions. This resource is free for all categories of membership with The Mission Exchange and normally $19.95 for others. In light of the urgent nature of the situation in Haiti we are offering this month’s Global Issues Update download for FREE to everyone. The February 2010 edition of Global Issues Update provides a status report on the situation in Haiti. Our special guest is Stephan Bauman, Senior Vice President of Programs for World Relief. Stephan was on the ground in Haiti within hours of the earthquake and helped coordinate the initial response for the first few weeks. More than 10% of our members at The Mission Exchange had some ministry presence in Haiti before the earthquake and each of them are engaged in meaningful ways in the relief effort. Some of our members are involved, like World Relief, in specialized disaster response and will be gearing up for the reconstruction and development phase. Because of our unique relationship with World Relief and our common history, having both been born out of the National Association of Evangelicals, we are turning to our sister organization for this status update on Haiti. In this downloadable resource you will get a snapshot of Haiti before the earthquake, the scope of the devastation from the earthquake and where we go from here. If you are interested in making a difference in Haiti in ways that go beyond giving to organizations like World Relief, we encourage you to visit to explore how you can connect and collaborate with others. If your church plans to be engaged by sending a team we strongly encourage you to work with and through established organizations with a trusted presence in Haiti. We also suggest you carefully review the document created by Crisis Consulting International, whose President, Bob Klamser, serves as the Security Consultant in the Professional Services Network of The Mission Exchange. One of the most important ways all of us can contribute to the relief and rebuilding efforts in Haiti is through prayer. World Relief has been encouraging people to block out One Minute for Haiti, at 4:53 pm every Tuesday, the time the earthquake struck on January 12, 2010. Why not consider setting a recurring alarm on your PDA or Outlook calendar at 4:53 pm on Tuesdays for whatever window of time into the future God may lead you to continue interceding for the people of Haiti? We know this will be a long term effort that continues for years after the news cycle has moved on to more current events.

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