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We are aware of tropical storm Ian and the potential it might become a hurricane and affect weather in Orlando. Current information leads us to believe that our event will proceed as planned. Please plan to join us as scheduled. With each day, new information is available.

Our next update will be posted here at 6 PM, Sunday evening.

Resolving Conflict with Cross Cultural Partners

Resolving Conflict with Cross-Cultural Partners
Mary Lederleitner, Cross-Cultural Consultant, Wycliffe International
April 14, 2011

Description: Understand your own and your partner’s assumptions, discern cultural vs. ethical problems and develop conflict resolution processes.

Presenter: Mary Lederleitner, Cross-Cultural Consultant, Wycliffe International

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Managing Conflict in a Multicultural Team

Conflict occurs wherever human beings live or work together. It is no surprise then that conflict is a major issue in multicultural teams. All of the eighty-one people we interviewed explained that their team had experienced some degree of conflict, and in some of these teams, conflict had deeply hurt team members and damaged the effectiveness of their team (Hibbert 2002; Hibbert 2011).