Pillars of Trust


By C in Southeast Asia, a worker with SEND International.

Muslims are people who care earnestly about loving God.

Despite this commonality, Muslims and Christians often are separated by a great chasm. A river — full of centuries of conflict, distrust and discrimination on both sides — roars through the chasm.

How do we bring a message of truth, of love, of hope to a people who won’t listen to us because of our history? We need to build trust. So we build pillars in this great chasm that separates us from them. These pillars of trust grow as we live among them, showing them the physical, tangible love of Jesus.

Literacy lessons to ladies who have never learned to read. Each sentence, a stone.

Quail projects for struggling young farmers; goats for families whose basic needs aren’t met. More stones.

Computer lessons for young people, opening the doors to a university education and a job. Every keystroke, another stone.

“I’m trying to develop the trust between the students and me,” one of our tutors explains. “Because they will not really understand the gospel, they will not believe you, unless you have earned their trust.”

The road that covers these pillars of trust, that’s the message, the proclamation, the truth of who Jesus is.

“My greatest joy in doing this ministry is that they will accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior through literacy, through these projects,” one worker says. “That is my joy and that is my commitment.”

Muslims are people who care earnestly about loving God. Let’s live among them, let’s seek God together with them, and let’s show them the truth of who Jesus is.


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