Overcoming the Problem of the Superficially Committed

Overcoming the Problem of the Superficially Converted
Paul Borthwick, Presenter
October 22, 2009

Travel almost anywhere, and at some point, a local ministry leader will lament, here in this city, country, region, continent, the church is 100 miles wide and inches deep. Jesus commanded us to make disciples, but we have done much better at multiplying converts. The accumulation of the superficially converted has lead to interpersonal issues like ethnic conflicts between Christians who were never taught that conversion means loving the other, and theological errors like the prosperity Gospel. Agencies confront the issue of the superficially converted in our own country as we recruit new missionaries and find Christians with neither biblical foundation nor Christian worldview. How can this problem be overcome? The presenter will discuss. An overview of how we got here miles wide and inches deep. How the issue is affecting the growth of the church in the non-Western world as well as in the recruiting process in North America. Over arching themes that need to be addressed in our own country and globally in order to address the issue including: A faithful message, a flexible method. Metrics for Christian growth. Conversion according to Ephesians 2. Key questions to ask your ministry to determine your renewed commitment to making disciples based on Matthew 28:18-20. Next steps towards building depth. Paul Borthwick served for twenty-years as a youth pastor and then a Missions Pastor. Along with his wife Christie, he now serves on the staff of Development Associates International (www.daintl.org), focusing on leadership development in the Two-Thirds World. Paul also teaches missions at Gordon College, serves as an Urbana/Missions Associate with Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship, and mobilizes others for cross-cultural missions. He is the author of several noted books, including A Mind for Missions and How to be a World-Class Christian.

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