Other Books Received

by EMQ Editor

Addison, Steve. 2012. What Jesus Started: Joining the Movement, Changing the World. Downers Grove, Ill.: InterVarsity Press.

Daniel, Robin. 2012. Mission Strategies Then and Now. Chester, U.K.: Tamarisk Publications.

Fickett, Harold. 2013. The Ralph D. Winter Story: How One Man Dared to Shake Up World Missions. Pasadena, Calif.: William Carey Library.

Johnson, Jean. 2012. We Are Not the Hero: A Missionary’s Guide for Sharing Christ, Not a Culture of Dependency. Sisters, Ore.: Deep River Books.

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Ralph D. Winter: The Entrepreneurial Mobilizer

Most people who know something about the late missiologist Ralph Winter, know about his Lausanne 1974 plenary address on unreached peoples (Winter 1975). Some know him from his reinvigorating the discussion about church and mission structures—which he called Sodalities and Modalities (Winter 1974). Still others know him because of his foundational work on Theological Education by Extension (TEE) in the 1960s (Winter 1969).

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