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Roundup #223

#223 – October 9, 2020 By Justin Long See archives & subscribe here. Don’t Miss BEYOND NUGGET TRAINING: MULTIPLYING GOSPEL SOWING TOWARD MOVEMENTThursday, OCTOBER 22, 2020…

Strengthening the Indigenous Church

By Trudy Seng, Meiry Yakawa, and Vera Bergson | In the heart of South America, the Ammi Training Center brings people from diverse tribes together for discipleship and ministry training. Graduates leave with life-long friendships and ready to reach Brazil’s many ethnic groups still waiting to hear of God’s love.

Roundup #224

#224 – October 23, 2020 By Justin Long See archives & subscribe here. New Events North Africa/Egypt-Sudan (266M) BBC publishes investigation of Sudan’s Islamic schools. Link… “Systematic…

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