Webinar: New Ways to Tell the Old Story

Description:  The Bible gives us a rich, many-layered story of salvation: an astonishing framework for endless, life-changing discoveries about what it means to see ourselves in Christ. Unbelievably, as we evangelize or disciple and train, we tragically under-tell this dramatic story. We would not do this if the whole story truly hit home with us. As it hits, our own stories are so enriched that we end up telling the “old story” in new ways, weaving the thrill of our new stories into it. The goal of this webinar is to move seven aspects of the rich biblical story from our doctrinal checklists into our core identities, using the framework developed by “SYNC” (See Yourself iN Christ).

Presented by: Stan Nussbaum, President and Developer at SYNCx.org

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