Mobilizing Movements: Leadership Insights for Discipling Whole Nations           

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Mobilizing Movements: Leadership Insights for Discipling Whole Nations*

By Murray Moerman

William Carey Library, 2021  

271 ebook pages 

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This book advocates that every nation needs a well-led national church-planting process, which can greatly accelerate the penultimate step toward completion of the Great Commission. “The aim of this book is to advance the vision and reality of Christ incarnate in his church, living out the transformation that comes from the mission Dei” (Kindle Location 163). To fulfill this aim, the author discusses key components of healthy movements, nine accelerants for movements, analysis of seven challenging contexts in which movements can still flourish, and practical strategies scalable to people’s capacity and context. In other words, the book presents valuable lessons and practices in mobilizing leaders toward national disciple-making and church-planting processes. 

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