Ministry in the Shadow of the Cross: Exploring a Theology of Suffering

Ministry in the Shadow of the Cross: Exploring a Theology of suffering Ministry in the Shadow of the Cross: Exploring a Theology of Suffering.
Glenn Penner, Canadian Director, Voice of the Martyrs
April 24, 2008

Can Rich Young Rulers Be Cross-Carrying Messengers? Jesus calls his followers to take up a cross, a symbol of suffering, shame, and death. A cross-centered gospel requires cross-centered messengers. However, the comparative wealth of the Western Christian puts him in the position of the rich young ruler. With the best of intentions, the rich young ruler sent cross-culturally often creates disciples more akin to himself than to the cross-bearing Saviour. Sincere calls for sacrificial service sound disingenuous to the national church. So what is to be done? Is there a step forward? This seminar will provide a starting point for dialog toward solutions. Beginning with an overview of a biblical theology of discipleship and its costs, we will explore the following questions: What is the call of the cross in Scripture? How can those from the affluent West more realistically and effectively reflect a cross-centered approach to mission? How can we better train rich young rulers to be cross-carrying followers? Glenn Penner is the Chief Executive Officer of The Voice of the Martyrs in Canada. Glenn writes and teaches extensively in the biblical theology of persecution and discipleship in religiously free and restricted nations. His book, In the Shadow of the Cross: A Biblical Theology of Persecution and Discipleship has been translated into several languages especially for persecuted Christians.

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