Leading With Story

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Leading With Story: Cultivating Christ-centered Leaders in a Storycentric Generation

Rick Sessoms with Tim Brannagan. Publisher: William Carey Library, 2016.

Reviewed by Jim Bowman, founder and retired director of Scriptures in Use. (www.scripturesinuse.org)


This is a long overdue book about leadership in a world suffering from future shock – a world changing so rapidly that no one can keep up. Changes are happening so quickly that most of the time it feels like we are living on the starship Enterprise leaping into cyberspace where no man has gone before. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, podcasts and live streaming of sermons, university-accredited online theological degrees, discipleship training, and leadership development provide for a quick, inexpensive means to churn out vast numbers of new leaders for the next generation – the demand is great but the workers are few.

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