Internationals Among Us

To the Unreached peoples Scattered Everywhere: A New Era of Frontier Mission

Presented by Rev. Neal Pirolo, Founder and Director, Emmaus Road International

God has brought the internationals of the world to the doorstep of every church in America. Let them speak. We are here as students. Most of us will be in positions of leadership in our home country within a decade. We are here as relocating refugees. We need help to overcome the trauma of our flight to freedom. We are here as business people,contributing to the culture of world economics.We are here as adult children of career missionaries. Our passport says USA citizen, but we have lived here less than four years. We are here as visitors. Your attractions are as big and exotic as we have been told, but we would like to visit you in your homes. We are here; we have clustered in communities of our own kind for security and feelings of our home culture. We are here. We’re living among you.The reasons for which we came are diverse. Some are noble; some motives are not so pure. But we are here. What are you going to do with me?

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